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For sale: this blog?

- Dominic Toretto Respect. Value. Love. This is what we all want from our parents. And now, I have it. Sort of.

My dad wants my blog URL for himself.

He wants He wants to build a site for his real estate and renovation company. He wants to house that site at the URL that has housed my nonsensical blog for the past eight years. He probably also wants me to get out of the residential construction theme of this paragraph.

My dad, not even a Montell Jordan fan, wants a URL that plays off This is How We Do It. For a professional site. To be taken seriously.

Now, for a taste of his own dad medicine, here is a list of pros and cons of having this URL.

Glance at it quickly and Jardoit with an "i" looks like Jardolt with an "L". Which, for not thinking it through when I created it, I suppose is accurate.I've never copped to this but Montell Jordan has not at any point given permission to use his beautiful lyricism as URL fodder. Is it a lawsui…

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