Afro Picks & Me: My ?uest To Become BFFs With a Legend:

Airports are a breeding ground for germs. What some fail to see is that airports are also a breeding ground...for friendships. They are very literally the gateways to the entire world. Airports enable us to connect face to face with each other halfway across the world in a matter of hours.  I have to reassure myself this every time I wipe a single tear away with a Chili's Too napkin.

Recently, I was waiting for a plane to take me from Dallas Fort Worth back to New York,'t be. I could have sworn I saw the one and only Questlove sitting AT MY GATE. "There's just no way," I told myself. There's no way the iconic drummer from The Roots is on my flight. So I shrugged it off.

Getting closer to my flight, I happened upon a friend who was on the same flight.
Me: Hi, friend.
Friend: Hi, Chris.
Me (attempting to make small talk while shrugging one shoulder and thumbing to the line of people): I wonder what celebrities will be on this flight, hehe.

It was at this point that I realized that I was, in fact, right. Questlove was 20 feet from me, black fist pick in hair, boarding my flight. I had to get that Chili's Too cry napkin ready.

Me: OMG, it's Questlove.
Friend: Who?
Me: Bye.

As I boarded my flight, now friendless, I walked right by Questlove. We locked eyes. I gave him a head nod. He gave me one back. All was right in the world.

The details of my flight are irrelevant. You don't need to hear about the turbulence. You don't need to hear about me being riveted by the in-flight movie: the Footloose remake. You don't need to know the thought crossed my mind that the turbulence was God's way of telling me to stop watching Footloose. How much of the movie did I watch past this thought? Let's just say I risked the plane crash. Don't sit there and judge me. The town OUTLAWED public dancing.

Fast forward to baggage claim. I'm waiting at Carousel C. So is Quest. He's rocking out with his headphones. He doesn't hear the announcement that DFW bags are on Carousel A. I see my bag. I get it. I see Questlove still at Carousel C. I see a bag on Carousel A embroidered with "Questo".

And just like that, my college education comes in handy. I put two and two together: That's Questlove's bag. So I went up to him. He took his headphones out.

Me: Hey. I'm assuming the green bag at Carousel A with "Questo" on it is yours.
Questlove: Damn. Thanks.
Me: Anytime.

Then I shot him the finger guns. But he wasn't looking. But I think he knew....

...he knew.



  1. You dont mention in this story that you had to change your pants when you got home

  2. He's exactly how I've dreamed he would be!!!

  3. Reading your opening paragraph made me want to watch Love Actually. Well, barring the first sentence.


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