Book Racks on Racks on Racks

My typical Friday afternoon conversation at the water cooler:
Me: What are you up to this weekend?
Coworker: Nothing really. Just have this kickass party to go to with kickass friends to drink kickass booze while listening to kickass music with tons of kickass ladiezzzz. The host said I can invite whoever I want. What are you doing this weekend?
Me: Oh that sounds great. I don’t have any plans. I was thinking of really digging into this second Hunger Games book. I devoured the first one and just CANNOT decide if I’m Team Gale or not. Wait. Where are  y….? Ok see you on Monday!
The takeaway from the very real and not made up at all conversation above is that I love books. I also love owning books. Recently moving to NYC, I had to keep 80% of my books in storage (aka my mom’s house).  Seeing how many books I own and how much space they take up brought forth an obvious question: Why don’t I just get a Kindle?

When facing a tough decision in my life, I have two ways of choosing which side I land on:
1) Send a SurveyMonkey link to my 865 friends on Facebook (impressed?).
2) Make a T-chart.

Considering the responses to my survey ranged from “Who are you?" to "Quit 'liking' pictures of my wedding ring.” to “I wish e-restraining orders existed", let’s consult the T-Chart:

Alright, this T-Chart doesn't help me. Remember earlier when I mentioned only having two methods for making a decision? Don't fret. I lied. Sometimes, when my back is really against the wall and I have no other path to take, I resort to another option. Option 3 requires me to think for myself.  What this argument really boils down to is that I love used bookstores. I love the owners of used bookstores. I love browsing for books at used bookstores. I love keeping them in business.

A few weekends ago, I was browsing the outside racks of a local bookstore. I picked up a book that cost $2. I had nothing smaller than a $20 bill (Note: IM me at $$$HIGHROLLER$$$). The owner told me to just take the book. My faith in humanity was restored. And all for not having to pay $2 at a local used bookstore.

Yes, you love your Kindle.
Yes, it’s convenient and easy.
Yes, you can hide the fact that you’re reading The Time Traveler's Wife on the subway because there’s no book cover.

Well then, you can have your e-reader. I'm not naive. I know that print may cease to exist in the near future. But in the meantime, I will never tire of browsing the bookstore sales racks acting like I have nothing smaller than a $20 bill to break so that I can get free books.

All my best,


  1. FYI- you can share e-books . . . Sharing is still caring, though. Also, electronics can fail, need to be charged, etc and are much more fragile than books. Wet pages on a book will dry stiff and wavy, but wet pages on a Kindle mean that it's broken.

  2. My extensive research of asking one person led me to believe you couldn't share books on a Kindle unless you cheated the system - using their email address to access. Regardless, there's something in knowing that a book has travelled across several eyes and brains before getting to you.

  3. I love real books. Ive always wanted a mini library in my home when I get older (like 30 or something) and if I switch to a kindle then that would cease to exist! I generally cave when it comes to high tech things...but not this time, Kindle. Not. This time.

  4. I was promised puppy pics if I read your blog. I'm still waiting. Jardieun't let me down.
    (Did you like that? I thought it was pretty brilliant myself. I give you permission to borrow.)

  5. I never got your Facebook survey. Consider me offended.

  6. we know who was in that extensive survey about sharing...and caring...


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