Genealogy of a Blog Title

"Chris, you should start a blog."
- My mom

"Chris, you should start a blog, but come back to bed first."
- Your mom

If there's one thing in this world that I cherish, it's money. If there's another, it's honesty. If there's another, it's digital watches. If there's another, it's tacos. If there's another, it's stalling until you can think of what to say or write next. But back to honesty. I've been urged for months to start a blog and I've been assured those urging me will read. If I create something and put it into this world, I owe it to myself (and to you) to create something that will resonate with my audience - and that starts with the title. So what took me so long to start a blog? Naming it. I've included notes from my brainstorming session below:

What's Love Got To Jardieu With It?
People will expect me to reveal my ladykilling secrets, specifically my dance moves
Jardieu The Right Thing
People will expect me to discuss my rough suburban middle class upbringing
People will expect me to blog daily, severely decreasing my time for The New Adventures of Old Christine reruns
This Is How We Jardieu It
People will expect themselves to read this blog as much as possible

I settled on "This Is How We Jardieu It" because it accomplishes two things:
1) Teaches people how to pronounce my name correctly
2) Showcases my utmost artistic respect for Montell Jordan

So tip up your cup and throw your hands up.

CJ, Writer MD


  1. Perfect. Grape job. All of the thumbs up! See you around the blog cooler!

  2. Will this be an account of your personal foibles or will there be any professional shenanigans sprinkled in?

  3. This blog better help me get some.

  4. JG - You are my rock.
    Kittenants - Blog so hard.
    Meredith - I may have to sprinkle in some professional shenanigans. Stay tuned.
    Anonymous aka Will Riggs - You don't need help.

  5. I admit that I am excited about this. Please don't disappoint me.


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