Overnight Sensation

This blog has become an overnight sensation. I'm not one to celebrate too early, but the proof is in the pudding (3 comments!!!). I need to strike while the iron is hot and get to my second post.

So here it is - my second post:
In my first post, I explained how I arrived at the title of my blog. It only makes sense that in my second, I discuss how I will populate the blog itself.

As you may have heard, this blog is an overnight sensation (Source: first paragraph). With this level of fame, comes a level of responsibility (Source: kind of Spider-Man 1).  I know that to grow my number of readers, I need to be entertaining.

This poses a potential problem. In my real life, I enjoy the finer things like a queen size bed and a PlayStation 3. My idea of a good time is a good book (preferably in the same genre as Animorphs), a cup of tea, and a shawl cardigan (Source: my friends) [source has been redacted as it does not exist].

This would be a problem...if this blog was real life. Lucky for me, I can talk about whatever I want. I can paint any sort of picture I want (or have Leo do it). So the picture I choose to paint is one of interesting things. I'll be posting about whatever I happen to find breathtaking or hilarious or sexy or terrifying (or like my senior high school photos, all of the above).

So if you don't like puppy pictures, Breaking Bad jokes, open letters to Outback Steakhouse, or Sporty Spice gossip, then I think I just lost a reader. If you do, then I think I just found a friend. A best friend. My best friend in the whole wide world.



  1. Why didn't you start this years ago!? awesome.

  2. i can't wait to hear more about your life happenings in New York. I think you need to blog about the woes of a southern gentleman in yankee territory.

  3. I like that you cite your source material and redact things.

  4. *Addendum: I anonymously like that you cite your source material and redact things.


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