Sucker Free Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday marked my first Super Bowl in New York. And the Giants were in it. And I'm a Cowboys fan. Dilemma: Do I root against the Giants, hoping for an entire city that I'm living in to be let down? Uh. Yes. Go Cowboys.

So I decided who I'm rooting for: New England and Tom Brady's hairdresser. Time to go watch the game...

What is here: a 17 inch tube TV, beeritas, queso, and more food
Who is here: 6 girls, one of their brothers, a few gay dudes, and a British guy

I am primed for an American Football watching experience.

First Half
I finish a beerita. I also finish 18 Oreo cake balls and give myself a queso transfusion. Gronk's ankle condition is nothing compared to how physically uncomfortable I am at this point.

Enter Madonna. LMFAO joins. I'm told, "Oh, Madonna is doing the LMFAO dance." I ask if they have an actual dance. "Oh yeah, that's how they party rock." I immediately get up to leave, but realize I have a plate full of chicken fingers, bean dip, queso, and tortilla chips or as I call it: heaven's nachos. I sit back down right as the rope guy is doing his thing. My interest level is back to peaking.

Second Half
The game is getting down to the wire. Wes Welker and I share a similar experience with similar implications. He drops a pass from Brady with about a minute left trying to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive. I drop an Oreo cake ball on the ground and have to throw it away.

Post Game
The Giants win. I find comfort in more cake balls.

So I attended what on the surface seemed like the last place I wanted to watch the biggest sporting event of the year, but was pleasantly surprised with great company and great food. Thank you to our wonderful hostesses.

Can't wait until next year...when my body finally digests all of this queso.

World Peace,


  1. madonna might as well of not been there. that tight rope guy stole the show.


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