That's How I Roll: Beginning My Skee-ball Journey

What makes an athlete?

Some would answer, "Everything opposite of you, Chris." To them I say, "Sticks and stones, mom."

Taken from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary 
Definition of ATHLETE:
a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports or games requiring physical strength, agility or stamina
Example of ATHLETE:
Chris is going to showcase his mediocre skee-ball skills every Monday night proving to the world that he is an athlete.

I want to take this moment to expand on this and announce that every Monday this, this is very tough....I'm going to take my talents to Brooklyn and join Team Skee-Haw for this Skeeson of Skee-ball.

The team:
R2-Skee2 (yours truly)
Skeena: Roller Princess
Angelina Roll-ee
Skee-Lo Green

Some of the names left on the cutting room floor:
Tim Skeebow, R. Kellskee, Tommy Skee Jones, Mo Valentine, Nanny McSkee, The Roll-aholic, Skee-Pain, Jay-Skee

Each team gets three rollers each night they roll. Each roller gets 10 frames to roll. Each team opposing Team Skee-Haw gets to shudder in fear with the flick of my wrist.

Aside from terrible dad-like Skeeball puns now infiltrating my daily life, the league should be a ball of fun. I look forward to showing the world that even a short and stocky asthmatic with a proclivity for crossword puzzles and comic books can be an athlete.

Roll on,


  1. Man, Skee-Lo gets no love!

  2. Skee's Company
    I Skeed my pants
    skLee (with a hand making the L shape)
    The Boston Skee Party
    Han Roll-o
    Luke Skeewalker
    Obi Wan Kenoskee? (No. Too far.)
    Lucskeel Ball
    Skeeverus Snape
    Skee Who Must Not Be Named

    and... done.

    1. "Skee Who Must Not Be Named" FOR ALL OF THE WINS.


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