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Tenacious D - Rize of the Phenix

They. Are. Back.
After Kyle's fake fall from grace and "Hollywood" Jack's rise to stardom, the D has decided to reunite. They've posted a mini-movie on their website that shows what's happened since The Pick of Destiny.
The video also furthers my completely straight, pants tightening appreciation for Dave Grohl.

Who's in for their June 28th show at Hammerstein Ballroom in NY?
Rize of the Phenix in full can be streamed below:

Humorous Celebrities Have Humorous Senses of Humors

The Hangry Games

I did it. Everyone I know can finally shut up about it. I finished The Hunger Games.

"Oh they're Young Adult, but they're not that Young Adult. Because of the violence. And the political undertones. They're really political with such great real-life politics underlying the story, and they can totally be applied to Obama's America. Did I mention they're violent?"
- All of my (former) friends

I fancy myself a reader. I read a lot. I'm very open to what I read. I read everything I can - everything from Palahniuk to Cormac to cereal boxes to Rowling to Highlights to Grantland. And now I've read Collins.

Here's what I got out of each book:

The Hunger Games - Book 1

Peeta: I love you.
Katniss: Wait. Are you for reals?
Peeta: Yes.
Katniss: Hmm. I can't tell if you're serious or just saying that. But what about Gale?
Peeta: I love you.
Katniss: Still not sure if you love me or not. Let's kiss some more. But only for the Capitol. But also fo…

Brief Hiatus

Friends, Romans, countrymen,

I am going on a brief hiatus from blogging this week. Yes, I know I just started a few weeks ago. You think I'm like the guy who starts a new job and a month later is taking a trip to see his "sick aunt in Florida." Unless that guy really has a sick aunt in Florida. Then I'm not like him because I'm "taking a vacation". Except it's really a vacation unlike the guy with the fake real sick aunt not in Florida.

Today, I'm heading to Ireland to partake in the increasingly inebriated activities of sight seeing, drink sighting, beer drinking, and see beering.

Yes, I will be sure to buy you something. All of you. I hope you all like thin individual slices of potatoes.


Listen to this: I was on a podcast

I've finally fulfilled a lifelong dream. Ever since I was a young boy growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, I've wanted to guest on a podcast.

In January, the ladies of Me Three podcast had a scheduling malfunction so Darci (@realkittenpants) called me up on a Friday night since she knew I'd be available. We talked about scary lifelike dolls, my future blog which didn't exist at the time, a new game called Horse Mouth, and a (short) list of what I'm good at.
Me Three podcast homepage here.
They're all great, but my special Me Two episode can be downloaded here. It's short. I swear. It's entertaining. I swear harder.
The other half of the Me Three crew was not on this sextrasode, but you need to follow the very funny Lisa Beth Johnson (@ladybirdj).
Podcastin', CJ

Furry Fandom: Mavs Man

Mavs Man Dallas Mavericks
Growing up a Dallas Mavericks fan, I've been with them through thick and thin. I've seen the ups. I've seen the downs. And there's been a lot of both. Someone else has also been right along the Mavs side through all of this: Mavs Man.

Mavs Man's background is a little unclear. There's not a lot available about his origin except that he showed up about 7 years ago to inspire Mavs fans with his high flying dunks, his acrobatic performances, and his apparently incurable skin condition.

Poor Mavs Man. I mean literally "poor" Mavs Man. For all of the good Mark Cuban does for the Mavericks, I don't think he pays Mavs Man enough money. And this needs to be heard. By the people. For the children.

Logical reasons I think poor Mavs Man is poor:

1) He can't afford a dermatologist. The guy obviously has some skin issues. It's like he Willy Wonka'd a basketball-meal test gum that he ate even though he wasn't supposed to…

GTL: Guido Toddler Looming

You guys, the NY Post is reporting that Snooki is pregnant.

Let that sink in. Then follow me as I process the news...

Who's the father? The Situation? Vinnie? Jionni? Deena? This tree? Don't worry. It's being reported that Jionni is the father. I guess the Situation and Vinnie are off the hook. I still suspect the tree.

Ok. We know who the father is. Time to speculate what kind of baby she will actually produce. After fairly extensive award-winning journalistic research, I've come to 5 possibilities of what we could see:

An Oompa Loompa
Not the first to say it, but the most obvious as far as her orange, 3 foot appearance.

A gollum
Smeagol makes inexplicable noises. Snooki makes inexplicable noises.

This pickle
The girl eats enough of them. And you are what you eat. So don't rule out a pickle baby.

Jabba the Hutt
He eats and drinks a lot. She eats and drinks a lot.  He utilizes his Sarlacc Pit to prey on victims. She's been known to do the same. It makes perfect sen…