The Hangry Games

I did it. Everyone I know can finally shut up about it. I finished The Hunger Games.

"Oh they're Young Adult, but they're not that Young Adult. Because of the violence. And the political undertones. They're really political with such great real-life politics underlying the story, and they can totally be applied to Obama's America. Did I mention they're violent?"
- All of my (former) friends

I fancy myself a reader. I read a lot. I'm very open to what I read. I read everything I can - everything from Palahniuk to Cormac to cereal boxes to Rowling to Highlights to Grantland. And now I've read Collins.

Here's what I got out of each book:

The Hunger Games - Book 1

"When I grow up, I'm going to try out for the Olym.....oh :( "
Peeta: I love you.
Katniss: Wait. Are you for reals?
Peeta: Yes.
Katniss: Hmm. I can't tell if you're serious or just saying that. But what about Gale?
Peeta: I love you.
Katniss: Still not sure if you love me or not. Let's kiss some more. But only for the Capitol. But also for me. But what about Gale?
Peeta: Forget about Gale. They don't call it the HUNGer Games for nothing.

Catching Fire - Book 2
I think I reread Book 1 on accident?

"LOL having Deja Vu."

Mockingjay - Book 3
"Oh sure, Peeta. The ollllld tracker jacker excuse."
Politics! Corruption? More Gale! Less Peeta :( Wait, more Peeta! Rebels! Undergrounds! Bad parenting by Mr. Everdeen for teaching young Katniss a song about a death tree! A Harry Potter-esque epilogue! Closure?

Each book was entertaining in its own way. I don't regret reading them. I just think everyone should pump the brakes on so much of the praise. Beyond the laziness of naming things in the Panem world (see 'tracker jackers' and 'Peeta', son of a baker), the pacing was almost hilarious. Book 2 had a literal deus ex machina in the final pages. I felt cheated, like I deserved better for diving into this series. But I need to remember that it sits in the same section at Barnes and Noble as Twilight and Judy Blume.

I didn't love them. I didn't hate them. BUT I'M MOVING ON WITH MY LIFE.

That said, I can't wait for the movie. Or Woody Harrelson's hair.


May the odds be forever in your favor,

Note: The term "hangry" was passed on to me by my friend Darci. It's the feeling you get when you're so hungry that you get angry. It happens to us daily. This is our District 12.


  1. I just finished the trilogy too, and I couldn't agree more Christoff. Well said.

  2. While technically it is in the same section as Twilight NOTHING is ever in the same section as Judy Blume!!

  3. I didn't know you had a blog Chris! And I think you missed your calling in should definitely review books!

  4. hilarious. thank you for posting this so I don't feel like I have to read these books anymore.


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