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Back to the Near Future


Readers -
I left you hanging. I'm sorry. I'm back. Get over it.

As previously mentioned, This Is How We Jardieu It is coming back! You have been heard, mom Dear Reader! 
Why the hiatus?

Short explanation: Because I have a life outside of writing, with friends who like to have fun. Video games.
Long explanation: I started the blog a few months ago. I was on a roll. I was writing. People were reading. I was happy. Readers were aroused by the written word happy. I was active. Readers were actively commenting anonymously (cowards!). I didn't cry in the mirror anymore cried in the mirror less. Then I took a trip to Ireland, prompting the potential photo blog post with captions (i.e.: a picture of me drinking a pint of Guinness while slaughtering a sheep with the caption "When in Rome <3 <3 <3"). But when I returned to the U.S., I was busy at the office. When I finally had time to breathe, it was already a month after Ireland, and the post would h…