LOL PPL: Kittenpants

Two truths and a lie:
  1. I have friends.
  2. I have funny friends.
  3. I have people that I know who are funny.
jk it's two lies and a truth! So there's a person I know who I talk to sometimes and who also talks to me occasionally who is very funny. Her name is Darci, and she is aka'd as Kittenpants.

Over on her website, Kittenpants Lives, she wrote some cliches. Like this one -
Birds of a feather flock together because birds are racist pieces of shit.
Then she dropped this two-for-one-special -
Don’t cry over spilled milk unless it’s spilled onto the divorce papers I’m sending you. I’m having an affair.
Also, don’t cry over spilled milk because there’s no crying in Spilled Milkball.
She also showed her love of history -
A good rule of thumb was the benevolent King Thumbulus, IV.
And origins of cliches:
“It ain’t over til the fat lady, Sting.” -Sting’s pimp
Lots of laffs. Go here to find yourself...also for her full "Cliche It Ain't So" post with lots more of these.

Part 2, aka "Cliche it Again, Sam" is here.

She also has books, you guys. BOOKS! And a podcast, you guys. PODCAST! And a Twitter, you guys. TWITTERS!