Texas Trip - Part 2: Bringing Sweaty Back

We all have them. We all tolerate them. We all just turn a blind eye. I’m talking about our Facebook friends who post pictures of their car’s temperature in the summer. We get it. It’s hot.

Not being one to follow trends (Crocs being the exception), I decided to do something different. I live tweeted my back sweat.  Gross?

I say nay. I say that the human body is beautiful and I am God’s creation and I want to share who I am and how glistening my body can be. The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty

Davy Crockett said it best when he declared, "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.. jk it's super hot there too."

I guess some of you don’t have Twitter, otherwise I would have gotten like 80 RTs because these are honest and true and please pay attention to me.

We start here:

Texas Trip sans sweat to be continued tomorrow…

Full hearts,