Texas Trip - Part 3: All My Friends

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We here at This Is How We Jardieu It joke around a lot. Considering it’s just me writing when I have downtime, it’s a pretty fun place to work. Lighthearted posts and pop culture references dominate this blog, producing gimmicky content. I’m not apologizing. I'm just saying that for this specific post, I will shoot you straight. Real talk, as the kids say.

All in all, I miss you, Texas. You were good to me for my first 24 years with you and you continue to be good to me when I come back to visit – now older, wiser, and with a better collection of cardigans.

My family is there. My friends are there. My college is there. My favorite beer is there. The hospitality is unparalleled.

Despite growing up in Texas, I never considered myself a real Texan. My parents are from upstate New York. We never owned a truck or listened to country music or wore cowboy boots.

After two and a half decades in the state, it took leaving it for me to really appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong. I love New York. I love being in New York. But I will always have a place in my heart for Texas and the people that make it what it is. From the two finger steering wheel wave to the friendly nod when passing someone on the street, Texas defines comfort.

As I’m writing this, memories of Ranger games and Shiners on porches and late night Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits are starting to rush back to me. I never thought I’d be one to get homesick, but here we are.

A city's restaurants and bars and attractions make it fun. But a city's people make it worth it. Every time I'm running along the East River and All My Friends comes on my iPod, I start to tear up.  I love you guys. I miss you guys.

Texas forever,


  1. That's cool and all...but where's my shout out?

  2. "Girl couldnt find parking in Deep Ellum...went home"

  3. More importantly...Shiner forever!

  4. Shine on, Chris.

    Shine on.


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