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Fashionista Shmashionista

This morning, I got to work with a fresh haircut from the weekend. I was feeling great.

I was feeling great until I looked in the mirror and realized my sideburns were uneven by about an inch. Oh God. What do I do? Do I run to the Duane Reade down the street and get a razor? Do I walk the 10 minutes home to fix it? Then I realized that I didn't really care. I'd deal with it when I got home.

I understand it's my appearance. But I also understand that unless I point it out, no one is going to notice. I'm not going to be the person that gets complimented on my shirt, but then points out that I have the remnants of BBQ sauce stains down the front, sides, and back.

Now, I am a self proclaimed expert in a lot of fields: Wilco discography, green tea flavors, and seduction by way of Star Wars references to name a few.

Some things I am a self proclaimed non-expert in are fashion and overall appearance.

It's not that I don't care what I look like. I care, but my prioriti…


The great Paula Cole once reflected, "Where is my lonely ranger? Where have all the cowboys gone?"

Don't worry. I'm right here. I haven't gone anywhere. The posts have slowed down a bit, but with good reason. I was starting a Tumblr. Hahahahahahahahahahaha Tumblr has been around for awhile, you guys.

"Hey Chris, 2007 called."
"Yeah, what did it say?"
"It said it was just calling to say hi. And also, it wants your technology choices back. Also, your haircut."

So now I have two websites. I will still update this blog regularly with my musings on whatever I am thinking regardless of public interest. I've set a precedent and I am a man of principle.

This new blog was inspired by fantasy football. Every day, my friends and I come up with different nicknames for players. One of my friends even said it's almost the main reason he plays - just to come up with names. The Tumblr is a collection of these names and the pictures that come…

Review: A Song of Fire and Ice (through three)

After receiving really great feedback regarding my "Hunger Games" review, I have decided to also review the A Song of Fire and Ice series (known to most as Game of Thrones). I've only read the first three books, but I think over 3,000 pages into a series warrants a chance to publicly reflect.

So here is my review of George R. R. Martin's series through A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords:

The books are really good. Like really good.

Thank you for your time,

Storm King

To my real friends, Storm King is my self appointed nickname during my Throne Thursday dinner parties (my sigil is a blue crest with a skewered chicken tender and a couch).

To the general public, Storm King is a 500 acre open air museum in Mountainville, New York, approximately an hour north of NYC.

Storm King is a beautifully landscaped sight to behold. We're still talking about me, right?

The real Storm King is a wide open grassy, hilly, and forested landscape with huge pieces of modern art (strategically?) placed throughout. This past weekend, I visited with a few friends.

Modern art isn't really my thing. Art really isn't my thing. But I do enjoy art. I don't even know if "appreciate" is the right word. I appreciate the amount of time spent on a project, but my mind can't process what makes art good or bad. For example, take the large pieces of metal off in the distance in the above picture. I enjoyed seeing those, but I refuse to believe it took a de…