The great Paula Cole once reflected, "Where is my lonely ranger? Where have all the cowboys gone?"

Don't worry. I'm right here. I haven't gone anywhere. The posts have slowed down a bit, but with good reason. I was starting a Tumblr. Hahahahahahahahahahaha Tumblr has been around for awhile, you guys.

"Hey Chris, 2007 called."
"Yeah, what did it say?"
"It said it was just calling to say hi. And also, it wants your technology choices back. Also, your haircut."

So now I have two websites. I will still update this blog regularly with my musings on whatever I am thinking regardless of public interest. I've set a precedent and I am a man of principle.

This new blog was inspired by fantasy football. Every day, my friends and I come up with different nicknames for players. One of my friends even said it's almost the main reason he plays - just to come up with names. The Tumblr is a collection of these names and the pictures that come with them. Because what's a team name without a logo?

The name of the Tumblr is Say My (Nick)Name. Click the link to head there.

Here's a taste:
Mario Manning(rum)ham
WR - #82 - SF 49ers

Say My (Nick)Name is currently displaying only NFL players, but all pro athletes are welcomed.  So if you have a name and/or a picture, feel free to send it in. If I feature it, I'll plug your twitter or your own Tumblr or your SS# or whatever. Email saymynickname@gmail.com with any submissions.

Imma Tumbl that,