Storm King

To my real friends, Storm King is my self appointed nickname during my Throne Thursday dinner parties (my sigil is a blue crest with a skewered chicken tender and a couch).

To the general public, Storm King is a 500 acre open air museum in Mountainville, New York, approximately an hour north of NYC.

Storm King is a beautifully landscaped sight to behold. We're still talking about me, right?

The real Storm King is a wide open grassy, hilly, and forested landscape with huge pieces of modern art (strategically?) placed throughout. This past weekend, I visited with a few friends.

It took everything in me to not do a "King of the World" pose off that plank.

Modern art isn't really my thing. Art really isn't my thing. But I do enjoy art. I don't even know if "appreciate" is the right word. I appreciate the amount of time spent on a project, but my mind can't process what makes art good or bad. For example, take the large pieces of metal off in the distance in the above picture. I enjoyed seeing those, but I refuse to believe it took a deeply inspired individual to create.

But enjoying and appreciating are obviously not mutually exclusive. There were several pieces that even a man with my fashion and design sense (are black and brown ok together now?) could enjoy and appreciate. Now come with me on a 3 photo scrapbook journey of my favorite pieces on display at Storm King...

Zhang Huan's Three Legged Buddha
I did this pose once in yoga and got kicked out. Teacher must not have liked my interpretation of '3 legs'.

Roy Lichtenstein's Mermaid
"While we devotin' full time to floatin'..."

William Lamson's Solarium
(materials used: steel, glass, sugar [for coloring])
The only thing I want to throw in this glass house, is a party. (Photo courtesy of my friend, Elyse)

Click here for the Storm King website. They have a lot better pictures. And a cooler website design. And more professional writing. Why did you even read this? You should have just Googled "Storm King" and been done with it. But I'm glad you gave me your attention. And the pageview count.