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Blogging by Candlelight

Posting an entry that I wrote by hand and by candlelight during the East Village power outage thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I later found out that a transformer exploded. The point is, I went old school for this one: Pen. Paper. Candlelight.

This Monday at approximately 7:45 pm EST, I lost power. As a coincidence, my phone lost service at the same time. And of course, by "coincidence", I mean "typical benefit of being an AT&T customer".

As ANOTHER coincidence, I was in the middle of watching last Sunday's The Walking Dead. Why is this is coincidence? Because they don't have any power on that show. Except for Rick Grimes. He has lotz of power right ladyz jk he is NOT doing well morally. Seriously though, they have no electricity.

So, as I am writing this by candlelight, I can't help but think about what lies ahead in the coming days of New York City. Will it be a river city like Venice? Will it be overrun by animals from the NY Aquarium? Will it be a de…

Oh Please Say You Won't Stay, Oh Sandy

She's here. Hurricane Sandy is here to help sell flashlights and destroy homes. And she's all done helping to sell flashlights. Some descriptions of Sandy I've heard and/or made up:

"Storm of the Century"
"The Perfect Storm"
"Bodhi's Dream Girl"
"The Reckoning Thanks To Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
"Ace Hardware's Economic Stimulus Package"

East Coasters have been advised to either prepare or to evacuate. Mayor Bloomberg has been urging NYCers to stock up on supplies.

My supply list:

WaterFlashlightBatteriesReading lightWhiskeyFig NewtonsA Snuggie fort (filled with more Fig Newtons)
I feel so awful for those with the same names as hurricanes. If Hurricane Sandy destroyed your home, could you ever date someone named Sandy while knowing how destructive and devastating a storm with the same name was? You'd have to have a pretty wicked Bad Boy Complex that rivals some girls from my high school.

Back to more pressing mat…

Buggin' Out

"Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs ruin your life for two weeks while you pack up all of your stuff and wash everything you own, trying to isolate the 10 ft x 10 ft apartment you squeeze into in New York City."  - Peter Venkmen, from my fan fiction and/or dreams in which we are BFFs New York City has a bed bug issue. This isn't new news. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot you can do to prevent an infestation. You can protect your things with covers, but you never know when someone is going to bring them into your home, your tiny tiny New York home.

My biggest fears (in order):
heightsMerriam-Webster recognizing "YOLO"NBC canceling Communityunavoidable back hairbed bugs Recently, my roommate discovered bed bugs in her room. Bed bugs (aka Bed Buddyz) live in fabrics, normally bedding. They hang out near your headboard and come out at night to drink your blood which seems like a steamy Stephanie Meyer romance novel in the making.