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Favorites of 2012: Abbreviations

Millennials. Can't live with 'em. Can't...oh look! Something distracting!

Back to Millennials. We don't have time to speak complete sentences. Sometimes complete words. Below are my favorite ways I avoided doing so in 2012. While I didn't come up with these and they may not have started this year, they've made their way into my lexicon in 2012, for better or for worse.

Short for:

When to use: 
in response to someone as a one word affirmation that you are aligned with them.

In a sentence: 
Person 1: What do you think about dinner at 8pm?
Person 2: Perf
Person 1: What about dinner at 8pm followed by cookies, then cupcakes, then rice pudding?
Person 2: Double perf.

Secret: Person 2 is me.

Short for:

When to use: 
business meetings to sound sophisticated, but still like you can hang with the kids

In a sentence: 
As you can see, our revenue situash is killin' it as we are just flush with monies.

Short for:


Favorites of 2012: Beers I Drank

Gone are the years of drinking The Dirty 30 and The Beast due to the fact that I didn't have any money. Now I can afford to have a nicer beer or two before I polish off the case of Keystone. This year, I had the privilege of drinking a variety of beers in a variety of cities. Here are the Top 5 Beers I Drank in 2012 and where I enjoyed them:

Dogfishhead 60 Minute IPA Randall'd
Easy Tiger - Austin, TX
Pale Ale

Way back in the year 2011, I did not like hoppy beers. I couldn't enjoyably drink an IPA. Then, one day during a trip down to Austin this summer, everything changed. EVERYTHING.*

I was sitting at the beer garden  Easy Tiger while my buddy was describing this machine that a few hundred bars in the country have. It's called Randall the Enamel Animal and it is beautiful. It takes your Dogfishhead 60 Minute IPA from the tap and essentially runs it through hops again. And Easy Tiger has one.

Of course, at the time, I thought this sounded terrible. Why would I want to have…

Favorites of 2012: Movies

You only got 5 albums yesterday. Well you get 10 movies today. I listen to a lot of music, but I also re-listen to a lot of music. With movies, I typically don't re-watch them until they're out of the theater.

So here you go. Here are my top 10 favorite movies of the year. I promise there are no spoilers.

Looper taught us two things:
1) Joseph Gordon Levitt will grow up and marry Demi Moore and have a kid named Ashton Kutcher.
2) JGL and Rian Johnson need to keep making movies together. Their first together, Brick, is a great spin on the detective noir story. And it had implications of great things to follow. Looper seals the deal. Keep them coming, please.

There's one major flaw with the movie's logic, but's time travel so what do you expect? It doesn't detract from how great the film is.

The Muppets
I had a huge smile on my face throughout and I still do. Segel should be required to write a movie every year, switching off between a raunchy Apato…

Favorites of 2012: Albums

For the remaining days of 2012, I'll be listing out my favorites of the year. I'm not calling these the 'Best of 2012" because I don't necessarily think they're the best; just MY favorites.

Today, I've listed out my favorite albums of the year. So for this list, if you have other opinions, let me know as a suggestion, not as an attack. Because I'm open minded. Unless your music is terrible.

Here you go. Here are my favorite albums of the year, in no particular order.
SHIELDS - Grizzly Bear I knew I'd love this album before I even heard it. I knew so much that I pre-ordered the gold pressing. And I don't regret it. When spinning something gold colored, you'd expect something this perfect to come through the speakers. And it does.

I also had the privilege of seeing these guys at Radio City earlier this year. I can't recommend their live show enough. Do it.

Good Kid M.A.A.D. City - Kendrick Lamar
Because of this record, I now have the social…

The Old Home Guard

Hey guys. I'm writing about a band.

This band that I mentioned in the sentence above just before this one is The Old Home Guard out of Dallas, TX.

This band has jettisoned me out of writer's block and/or/but also laziness and into creative dreamland of creative dreams. This band has uplifted my depression from the Kardashian/Humphries divorce (current[?] events!). This band has allowed me to love myself, and my neighbor - specifically my neighbor Susan.

How can a group of young men create such a whirlwind of emotions and feelings and bodily fluids?

Download one of their shows from earlier this year and you tell me. Click here to become audibly pregnant.

"Chris, you're such a sell out and use your blog fame just to promote your friends' band!"
- Me in the mirror this morning

My response is 4-fold:
1) It's my blog. I can do whatever I want with it.
2) People read this? Who? Tell me. Please. Tell me.
3) Did the band tell you they're my friends? Please. T…