Favorites of 2012: Abbreviations

PLL a dark horse for TV Favorites in 2012? 

Millennials. Can't live with 'em. Can't...oh look! Something distracting!

Back to Millennials. We don't have time to speak complete sentences. Sometimes complete words. Below are my favorite ways I avoided doing so in 2012. While I didn't come up with these and they may not have started this year, they've made their way into my lexicon in 2012, for better or for worse.

Short for:

When to use: 
in response to someone as a one word affirmation that you are aligned with them.

In a sentence: 
Person 1: What do you think about dinner at 8pm?
Person 2: Perf
Person 1: What about dinner at 8pm followed by cookies, then cupcakes, then rice pudding?
Person 2: Double perf.

Secret: Person 2 is me.

Situash (sitch-oo-aysh)
Short for:

When to use: 
business meetings to sound sophisticated, but still like you can hang with the kids

In a sentence: 
As you can see, our revenue situash is killin' it as we are just flush with monies.

Typ (tip)
Short for:

When to use:
if someone does something predictable

In a sentence:
Chris just ate an entire pizza pie. Typ Chris.

Hilares (hill-airs)
Short for:

When to use:
When you're LOLing, but need to describe it in a sentence.

In a sentence:
LOLOLOLOL hilares.

Adorbs (a-door-bzz)
Short for:

When to use:
while you're talking about me

In a sentence:
Chris is totes adorbs.

BOMO (bow-moe)
Short for:
Black Out Make Out

When to use:
after an embarrassing night out

In a sentence:
I saw her go onto the dance floor and just grab that dude's face and BOMO with him.

Abbreviations that I will de-friend you for using:
  1. YOLO
  2. That's really it. Don't say YOLO.



  1. I've never heard anyone use most of these abrevs. Also, I can't believe you didn't list "totes". Is it too old or something?

    1. Totes has been in my vocab for years. You know this.


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