Furry Fandom: Trash Monster

Trash Monster
Portland Sea Dogs

The Portland Sea Dogs have two mascots.

Their priority mascot is "Slugger the Sea Dog". He's a seal. He seems like the perfect family friendly mascot. His favorite song is "Who Let The Dogs Out?" and his favorite dance is "YMCA". The guy is a people pleaser.

If the minds behind the Portland Sea Dogs' mascots were operating off a zero sum creativity pie, Slugger received 100% of the thinking. What's left for the secondary mascot is a mutant garbage can concepted from the leftover fat of an Oscar the Grouch idea.

Meet "Trash Monster".
"Goodbye, sanity."
He's a 5' 5" garbage receptacle. I can't seem to find an origin story on him so if you'll allow me to speculate...
Approximately one hundred years ago, a Portland native disposed of an old piece of cheese into an aluminum garbage can. Through an isolated process of evolution, the old piece of cheese molded further, sprouting some interesting appendages: a sunflower face, a fin on the back of its head, antennas/ears (?), arms, and legs. This old piece of cheese picked itself up off the ground and realized that it had molded to the trash can. It now had to wear the trash can everywhere, akin to a bankruptcy barrel.  
Portland's version of the romper
People on the street saw this piece of cheese garbage and started calling it names like "Moldemort (aka Cheese Who Must Not Me Named)", "Goudazilla", and simply "Stinky".  The name that stuck was "Trash Monster". 
Poor Trash Monster roamed the streets of Portland for years, looking for some way to fit in. He couldn't hold down a job due to a combination of smell and lack of pants. His future was bleak. 
But fate had something different in mind for Trash Monster. In 1992, the jeans company, JNCO, identified their target customer as "young smelly piles of garbage".  JNCO's head of marketing spotted Trash Monster on the street, immediately offered him a sponsorship, and changed TM's life forever. As you'll see, Trash Monster still wears his size 38 x 24 JNCOs today. 
Now fully clothed, Trash Monster set out to find a day job. Perfectly embodying Portland's love for recycling and thrift stores, it didn't take long for the people of Portland to ironically accept this aesthetically-upsetting pile of trash as a mascot for the local minor league baseball team. 
The Portland Sea Dogs bought Trash Monster a belt buckle with his initials, let him wear his JNCOs, set him up in the crowd between innings, and he has been happily employed ever since.

There you have it - the probably true made up but definitely more than likely accurate origin story of Trash Monster.

Say what you will about him, but he hasn't forgotten his roots. According to the Sea Dogs' website, Trash Monster loves to eat fried dough and watch Tony Danza's opus, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. His hobbies are "recycling and cleaning".

He's committed to using what life dealt him to entertain others. And minor league baseball is better for it.