New Year. New Me?

Recently at a dinner a friend asked me what my resolutions were. I had nothing for her. I could have lied. I could have said...

"I'm going to eat healthier," as I was shoving 18 pounds of lamb into my mouth.
"I'm going to learn something new," while I obviously already knew everything.
"I'm going to quit smoking," after I'd just enjoyed Hungry Hippo'ing a candy cigarette.
"I'm going to use less technology," as I was live tweeting my dinner...
"Just took another bite! #chewing #digestion #stomach"
"@guyfieri #missyou #dinner"
"Where's the bathroom? #help #18lambpounds"
But I couldn't sit there and lie.

It was 7pm on January 1st.

When I got home, I sat down and decided to make a resolution statement:

"I'm going to right to free say that I don't have any resolutions."

Resolutions have never made sense to me. I understand goals. But I don't understand what is stopping you from starting today. The woman who tells me in October that she'll eat healthier in the new year makes my head short circuit.

Lose weight. Eat healthier. Learn something. But why wait?

By all means, improve yourself. We could all stand to do so. But next time just do it today, even if it's the middle of July.