Quiet! I'm Getting Old

Raise your glass. And pour one out. For my youth. You will be missed, young friend.

I go to a lot of concerts. And live music is loud. Like really loud. No matter how "cool" you are, you're up the next morning with your ears ringing. Or worse, with "Whip My Hair" audibly seared onto your brain.

Recently, I made a purchase that officially put the nail in the coffin of my adolescence (last death metaphor I swear - cross my heart and hope to die lolhahaajkjkahaloljk).

I ordered ear plugs. Are they cool? Probably not. But neither were Furbies (plural? Furbi?) and people loved those things.

"Pls stahp yell ling at me. Mine ears r huge. Halp."

I've used the ear plugs a few times at indoor shows. If anything, they isolate the music, making it sound better by blocking out unnecessary noise. I bought mine from Ear Peace. The plugs match the color of my skin as closely as possible to remain virtually undetectable - unfortunately for me, Ear Peace doesn't carry the color "Powder - The Movie". But boy, do they work. I now wake up after a show hearing great.

"No, Carl! These are for your EARS."

You can say it makes me old. I admit it does. But we'll see who's old when I'm 90 and talking to a friend who didn't use them.

Both of us. We'll both be pretty old.

But I'll be able to hear the loudspeaker announcement that BINGO is now an hour earlier on Tuesday. Sucker.

What did you say?


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