U Mad, March?

The ball is tipped.
And there you are.
You're running for your life.
You're a shooting star.
My nightly lullaby in the mirror during March

This year marked the first year in about 15 that I haven't filled out a bracket. In related news, there's been a harsh decline of crying in the corner of my cubicle with a wastebasket fire, incinerating any record of picking Texas A&M to win it all.

So I didn't fill out a bracket this year. There's a few reasons why - 'being busy' is the biggest. But I also haven't had cable for about 2 years, which severely hinders my ability to become as involved in college basketball as I'd like to be.

It doesn't matter. College basketball, especially in March, really is like a drug. Despite a lack of fandom throughout the regular season, once the ball is tipped in those first games, I'm glued to my TV, buzzing with excitement.

every hour of March

No matter how uninvolved in the day to day of college basketball or the NBA I become, I will always stop down to watch any game on TV whether it's Syracuse playing Colgate or the Beavers against Mick and the Dragons.

"Ballin' is a creature habit."

March Madness is about creating memories, whether it's a buzzer beater, Cinderella story, or even who you watched a certain game with. And this year, I'll remember not filling out a bracket, keeping my hair intact, and to stop wishing people luck with "break a leg."

Going into tonight's game, I have no bracket to worry about. No fires to set to it. No tears to shed. That is, until I watch One Shining Moment. Because while I may not follow the sport as closely as I used to, it is still my favorite. Because I still love watching it as much as I love attempting to play it. Because I still get caught up in the Madness.

Because inside you knewwwwwwww,


  1. I decided that after this year's bracket, I am retiring from fantasy sports altogether...

    1. Is a bracket considered a 'fantasy' endeavor? EIther way, just take a break for a year. Gain back the appreciation for the sports. Then jade yourself again with fantasy.

  2. So I could have come to visit last weekend after all? Thanks

    1. Sure. You just would have seen me creating an indention on my couch with Cheese-It crumbs all over my stomach barely moving to turn volume up or down.


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