SEXpense Report


For someone as cheap frugal future-rich (?) as me, there's no better feeling than expensing something. NOTHING better. Usually I forget about it and then my paycheck is bigger. It's the old person equivalent of finding $20 in your winter coat.

But before you can make it Gatsby-rain, you have to submit the ol' expense report, including an itemized receipt.

Recently at the office, I realized my wrists were hurting from typing all day. I needed a wrist rest. I was told to go ahead and buy one off Amazon, then expense it. I also wanted a new notebook so I figured I would just throw this in, but only expense the wrist rest. 

Then this morning, I was alerted of a deal on one of the finest cinematic achievements in recent memory. So I threw it in there to round out for free shipping.  

Even though I'm only expensing the wrist rest, I have to submit the itemized receipt for the order. So here is what our professional 3rd party auditors will be reviewing for my next pay period:

van surfin',