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Bucket List: Bonnaroo

My God.

Check it off the bucket list. But go ahead and immediately add it back on.

Earlier this month, I spent four days and nights sleeping, eating, and breathing music at one of the premiere music festivals in the country. Not only is Bonnaroo a four-day festival (as opposed to most being three), but it involves camping for its entirety. So my (body) hair got FRIZZZZZZZZZZZY.

Being in the middle of nowhere (Manchester, TN), self-contained with music, booze, food trucks, and a great group of friends, I couldn’t have been happier.

Favorite Bonnaroo 2013 Moments

McCartney's Live and Let Die fireworks show leading into a goosebump-inducing Let It Be. Then capping the entire show off with 80,000 people screaming the lyrics to Hey Jude. Also, he played Eleanor Rigby. Also, he played Helter Skelter. Also, he made my life complete. The 70-year-old Paul (71 on the following Monday) rocked for three hours, creating a lifetime memory for me. And a smile on my face lasting just as long.


R.I.P. Papa

My beloved grandfather passed away last night.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of him with one of his best friends later in life, Lola. At the time of the photo, I couldn't find Lola in the house. I asked where she was. He lifted the blanket, revealing Lola upside down, next to him like this was a normal occurrence.

Between his purposeful mispronunciation of Walmart ("Walmarket") and Jason Statham ("Jason Strayham") to his unexplainable love of hoarding flashlights and batteries, he was always trying to make you smile whether intentionally or not. Without fail, he had a dozen Hemstrought Bakery half-moons waiting for me every time I came to visit. He preferred me to drive his car when he wanted to go to the store so it felt like he had a chauffeur. He had a knack for telling old jokes in a fresh way, making you laugh no matter how many times he told them. He remains one of the funniest people I've ever met.

Generous. Stubborn. Hilarious. An old-schoo…