Foggy Week in London Town Next Week

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Next Saturday, along with my girlfriend, I will be venturing to the great country of England. 

It's bucket list time. Get the bucket list pen out and get ready to cross off "Visiting the UK". Meeting/marrying/smelling the hair of Beyonce will have to wait another day.

Being something I've wanted to do for so long (we're back to discussing London), expectations for what to do and see in England have been building and building. Here they are:
  • Rain
  • Pubs
  • The Tube
  • Cool accents
  • Meet Edgar Wright
  • Meet the Queen's corgis

  • Become best friends with Edgar Wright and the Queen's corgis
  • Obnoxiously exclaim, "You sound like you're from Lahn-dahn" to every single person I meet
  • Shout, "POUND TOWN!" every time I pay for something with cash
  • More rain
  • Ask everyone if they speak English
  • Find the V for Vendetta guy

  • Impress hot British ladyz with my foreign accent
  • Impress hot British ladyz by name-dropping my new friends, the Queen's corgis
  • Apologize to my girlfriend for being so impressive with hot British ladyz
  • See a movie
  • Learn cool new ways to say things 
    • Hallway = Corridor
    • Bathroom = Loo
    • Kissing = Snogging
    • Pasta tomato sauce = Ketchup

I guess, after the priorities above, we'll go see the Changing of the Guard and the Tower of London and Abbey Road or whatever*.





  1. Doun't fourget "Adding 'u' after every 'o'" four soume reasoun.

  2. make sure you see this. - bring somthing to melt!


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