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SoundUp RoundUp: Danny Brown, Arcade Fire, & more

A lot of great music dropped the past two weeks. Like a lot. So I captured what I've been listening to. Maybe this will become a weekly or biweekly (is that twice a week or every other week?) thing. Maybe not.

Lend me your ears for this week's Soundup Roundup.

Danny Brown - Old
Old was easily my most anticipated album of the year. I already loved Danny. Then this album cover came out. Then he did a Reddit AMA. Then he dropped the album. And now I'm bananas about the guy.

Half the songs show us a more subdued Danny, someone we aren't quite used to. But someone I welcome with open arms. The other half are classic Danny bangers, something I also welcome with open arms.

The two halves combine for an immediate Top 10 album of 2013. Maybe Top 3. And something that I koala grab cling to with my previously open arms. While not physically released yet, you can stream it now.

Favorite tracks: Lonely, Side B [Dope Song], Dip, 25 Bucks, Dope Fiend Rental, Break It [Go]
(Yes, there a…

England: Even a Bus

England was greatfantastic bloody brilliant. England was just bloody brilliant.

I loved the history. I loved the pubs. I loved the countryside. I loved the people.

My pre-trip list was a tough one to check off. We saw a lot of rain. But we didn't see any corgis. Not one. All the dogs we saw were scraggly Irish dogs. I'm not 100% sure they were Irish, but the scraggly, scruffy nature and "sure, I'll have a beer with you" vibe they put out led me to think so.

Early in the week, we just explored the city of London. We went on a rainy bike tour, getting to check tick a few things off our list: Buckingham, Westminster, Elizabeth Tower (the building that houses Big Ben), and Kensington Gardens. We went to Piccadilly Circus. And we went to pubs. Lots of pubs.

Later in the week, we took a train to Bath (a beautiful small town in Somerset, England). We took a bus to Leeds Castle, Canterbury, Dover, and Greenwich. We went to Borough Market. We went to the coolest restauran…