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I like to talk. A lot. Like a lot. A whole bunch.

I even started this blog so I could essentially talk to myself.

In conversation, I find myself trying to come up with my next point, then eagerly waiting until I can interject my obviously superior knowledge. Half the time it's some selfish point about how I can relate. And it's usually a stretch: "I completely understand what you're saying about your 2 week trip to Thailand. Last night, I ate some take-out Thai on my couch."

My attempts at empathy have become (not-so) veiled self indulgence.

I need to stop.

In this digital age, everything is so immediate, except for dialogue. You can wait a few minutes to respond to an email. You can wait a few minutes to respond to a text. You can soak in what someone is saying; comprehend it; and formulate a response.

When faced with a real in-person conversation, your response needs to be more immediate. But why does mine have to be blurted out before the person I'm talking to can finish their sentence?

To those who know me - I'm sorry.

Lately, I've been concentrating on listening more. My girlfriend may beg to differ but I wouldn't know. I haven't paid attention.

The point of writing about this is two-fold. It's part a mass apology to those I've been doing this to. It's also so that anyone reading can hold me accountable. If I interrupt you, call me out on it. Feel free to swear at me. Get creative with your name calling.  Let me have it.

But please make sure I'm listening.


  1. I didn't read what you wrote (had to comment first), but I just came here to say I can relate. I get cut off while driving a lot...

    1. It's the worst, right? I totally know what you mean because I can relate; and when I get cut off it's worse than when you get cut off.

  2. We should create a sports themed podcast around this and call it something clever like "sorry for interrupting you". Seems like something an ESPN would pick up if it became popular.

    1. "Hey, Good Point, But My Point Is Better, And Also I Actually Didn't Listen To Your Point" coming to ESPN this Fall

  3. This resonates so much! Maybe it's a NY transplant thing. Everyone in NC probably thinks I'm a dick.

    1. Blame it on NY! The city eroded my southern charm :(


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