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The new Jardieu.

We saw our son for the first time a year ago. We'll meet him for the first time next week.

The photo resolution leaves a lot to be desired. Taken at weird angles and likely on a phone, the pictures we've seen of him may not win any photojournalism awards. And yet we've looked at them every day since we first saw the overly lit snapshots a year ago.

Our adoption process/journey/story/path officially started last August, although my wife and I talked about it long before we even got married. What's interesting is during the years we discussed adoption as a possibility, I always saw the two of us with an American kid while my wife always saw the two of us with a Chinese kid.

So this Friday we head to China to get our son.

We're as prepared as any new parents can be. All praise and shouts and we-are-not-worthy-ing to be directed at my wife. So much so that I'm leaving Borat jokes out of this. She's done everything that a human being possibly could do to get…