Conversation Starters for Virtual Holidays

The holidays are upon us. And even as we gather safety and virtually, we are still all susceptible to a communicable virus. It's a little virus I like to call Familial Political Discourse. 

Growing up, we were told talking politics at the table was as taboo as kissing your cousin. And while some take that as a party plan — Giuliani Family Christmases must be wild — the rest of us played by the rules for as long as we could.

But today, everything is politicized from masks to football to international supply chains to corporate tax law. And it's like, hey, what else is there to talk about?

That's why we're all here today. Those who know me would categorically categorize me as a party animal. As for those who don't know me, well, you can absolutely trust that I'm telling the truth. 

So, for all you aspiring party animals out there, here are a few party trivia conversation starters to sprinkle throughout your holiday video chat gatherings. 

The Godfather of all movie trivia.

Did you know Nic Cage is a Coppola? That's right. Francis Ford is his uncle. Sophia is his cousin. And in Fast Times he was actually billed as Nic Coppola. Eatin' pizza, thinking' about Cuba. Madone! Have you seen The Godfather? In my opinion, Part Two is a better movie. But I'm sort of into movies. Ma! Meatloaf! Haha. Ma? We lost the connection. Ma? It says you left the chat.

Two green thumbs up

Most plants don't need as much water as you'd think. You can very easily drown your little plant babies. And after raising a few plant babies myself, I can totally empathize with those on the call who have kids. I get it. Really, it's about having a connection with your plant. Listening to your plant. Just like it's about listening to your kids. Hello? Can you hear me? Did somebody mute me? 

Hygiene Tips about Q Tips

First, Q-Tips is a brand name. Technically, what we're talking about is a cotton swab. And, actually, they don't remove wax from your ear. They drive wax further into your ear. Oh, you've got some Q-Tip® cotton swabs there. Uh, why are you driving them into your ear? You won't be able to hear me if you do th....


A fruitful conversation starter

Tomatoes are so easy to grow. A little finicky. But so easy. And fun fact: tomatoes are a fruit. Because they have seeds. Seeds! So fun. Such a fun fact. So all those years when mom told us to eat our vegetables, we could have told her to take a — hey, why are you throwing tomatoes at the screen? 

A deep dive on identity

Loved the Halloween costumes for all the nieces and nephews. But just a clarification: The DOCTOR is named Frankenstein. The MONSTER is Frankenstein's monster. I know, I know — do six-year olds care? Well, it's never too early to teach them right and wrong. I wouldn't dress up as Count Dracula and call myself Nosferatu. Oh, excellent vampire wordplay in the chat, dad! He said, "this sux."

These conversation starters and party trivia are sure bring your family closer no matter how far you may be sitting from each other. 

Good luck at your holiday hangouts, ya party animals.