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Furry Fandom: Belle 'The Ballpark Diva'

When it comes to mascots, the Buffalo Bisons have an embarrassment of riches. They have three official furry fan favorites. THREE.

The first is Buster T. Bison, the team's namesake. He is a big bison.

The second is his cousin, Chip. He's another big bison, albeit a sadder one. Makes sense.

The third mascot turns my brain inside out and whispers sweet nothings of dementia into my ears.

Belle "The Ballpark Diva"
Buffalo Bisons
(I thought the plural of "Bison" was "Beeson"?)

From her bio:
Belle, "The Ballpark Diva" is the singing-sensation from Hollywood that has returned to Dunn Tire Park to perform all her smash hits for the fans of the Buffalo Bisons. Known for her fashion sense and sweet dance moves, Belle is 100% girl.
Let's break this down.

She is a cow. OK.Named Belle. I'm with you.She's a singing-sensation from Hollywood. My sanity is wobbling.She left her life of fame, returning to Buffalo, NY. You have completely lost me.Kn…